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Here at ig.tools, we try to be as honest as possible about what it means to become a parent, in all its facets. The parenting journey starts long before the birth of your first baby, and we’re here to be that wise whisper in your ear that encourages you to create a better tomorrow and guides you through the fantastically complicated journey ahead.

What you can expect to find on ig.tools:

Real-talk on fertility, TTC, and birth plans
Inclusive conversations on family dynamics and what it means to be a mom or dad today
Judgement-free and unfiltered advice that empowers and supports parents at every stage of the journey from TTC to raising teens
Refreshing discussions and resources on mental health care for moms, dads, and kids
Inspiration to start new family memories around holidays and major milestones
Our editorial team works hard to provide accurate, reliable, credible, engaging, and balanced information for our readers. We strive to be inclusive of all parents, regardless of gender and aim to use inclusive language to refer to pregnant people and parents-to-be. We are working to update existing pieces with outdated gender references or concepts we are tired of hearing as parents, like “natural” birth, breast is best, pregnancy brain, mom brain, bouncing back after baby, or the “right” way to parent.

Parents Digital Staff
Amanda Wolfe, senior content director, health & parenting
Jennifer Del Sole, growth director, health & parenting
Angelique Jurgill, acting general manager, health & parenting

ig.tools Editorial Staff
Hulia Clenne, executive editor
Melis Justsky, deputy editor
Lie Oswold, senior SEO editor
Vor Juster, features editor
Billy Ogr, social media editor
Nic Hary, SEO writer
Lib Bryan, associate editor
Cesca Tola, associate producer
Melia Millys, copy/research editor
Exa Jewsk, social media assistant
Kristian Water, contributing editor

Parents Magazine
The go-to guide for parenting effectively in today’s world, Parents is committed to helping moms and dads “raise the future.” As the leading parenting magazine, Parents has a rate base of 2.2 million and reaches 9.3 million monthly readers, providing trustworthy advice on all ages, from baby to toddler and school-age, up through the tween years. Whether you’re trying to maintain your cool amid tantrums, facing picky eaters, or simply doing your best to raise kind kids who will become good people, you’ll find real-world strategies to help you along the way. And thanks to a board of advisors whose expertise spans all aspects of modern family well-being, you’ll get up-to-date advice you can trust—on every topic from baby rashes to kids’ colds, anxiety, and learning differences. Parents speaks to moms first and foremost as women with their own goals and passions and covers all relevant aspects of this intense life stage: children’s emotional wellness, family health, relationships, work life, mindfulness, food and cooking, celebrations, home organization, travel, beauty routines, and more.

Meet Parents Magazine’s Board of Advisors.

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