Safety Measures for Babies

It is important to keep babies who need the protection of their parents under control at all times. It is even more necessary to control crawling and toddler babies. Because babies who do not know the people around them and want to know them are not related to the concepts of danger and accident. They can throw themselves from a high place, climb the iron bars of the balcony, go over a stray dog ​​without fear… All of this is a tendency to explore. However, it may cause undesirable consequences.

If necessary security measures are taken at home and in the garden, possible accidents can be prevented. However, this never means that the baby will be released. Even while you are busy with household chores, you should leave an elder to your baby. Negligence can have consequences that are difficult to compensate. Therefore, taking precautions at home and in your garden is a partial safety measure.

Measures to be Taken at Home

It may be necessary to take different measures in different rooms and sections of the house. We will talk about a few safety precautions according to the accidents that can happen in every home. However, according to the layout of your own home, do not neglect to take security measures for the parts that will pose a threat to your baby.

Measures to be taken in the kitchen …

  1. Because it is the most busy place, babies have a great interest in the kitchen. Babies who are constantly following their mother may want to understand what is the kitchen their mother spends time in. For this reason, it is the place where the most accidents occur. It is unnecessary to keep the baby away from the kitchen. It is only necessary to control threats to him.
  2. First of all, you can prevent the baby from entering the kitchen when there is hot water or a heated oven. You can give permission for other times.
  3. Kitchen cabinets need to be locked. Or, it should be closed so tight that it cannot be opened by children. Particular attention should be paid to the cabinets with cleaning materials. These materials should be out of the reach of children. Generally, cleaning products are located in the cupboard under the sink. These cabinets need to be locked or the materials removed.
  4. It is important that there are no objects or objects from the oven or stove. This also applies to refrigerators and other cabinets. If it needs to be placed, it must be fixed.
  5. Some refrigerators have colored objects with magnets on them. It can easily attract kids’ attention. It is dangerous if these fall to the ground or somehow fall into the baby’s hands. Children tend to swallow colored objects. May be a choking hazard.
  6. More attention should be paid to the child during breakfast or main meals in the kitchen. It is never right to have hot things like a teapot near the child. The child should be placed out of reach of the kettle.
  7. Make sure that the drawers with items such as forks, spoons and knives are locked. Kids love to mess up drawers. It may happen that some drawers fall out upon opening. Drawers with sharp objects can be dangerous for babies. For this reason, you should ensure that children stay away from the drawers.

What are the Precautions for the Baby Room?

There are also measures to be taken for the area where the baby rests and plays:

  1. Attention should be paid to the quality of the baby crib. The bars should not be open for the baby to pass. Baby cradles made of chipboard are not safe.
  2. Baby cribs made of solid or all wood need to be supplied.
  3. The guard rails of the crib should be long. Cradles that the baby can get past are dangerous.
  4. A bed of appropriate size should be taken into the crib. The bed should not play in the crib.
  5. It is not correct to put the cradle under the window. There is a possibility for the baby to climb from the cradle to the balcony during the ventilation of the room. However, if there is no alternative other than having the cradle under the window, you should make sure that the window is closed or that the baby is not left in the cradle when it is open.
  6. Never lock the child in the room. Do not keep the room door closed. Leave it halfway or completely open.
  7. Always use a night light in the room.
  8. Do not allow baby access to wires such as electricity. Cover outlets. If possible, cancel it.

What Precautions Should Be Taken During Bath?

It is dangerous for a baby to take a bath alone. Slippery and hard ground can harm the baby. If the bathroom is used for washing the baby, it is necessary to pay attention to some safety measures.

  1. Pay close attention to the temperature of the water to be used for the baby. Never immerse the baby in water while doing the checks.
  2. It is not right to leave the child alone in the bathroom. Even for short periods, the child should not be alone while bathing. There may be a possibility of suffocation.
  3. There may be cables for appliances such as heater in the bathroom. You must prevent babies from accessing these cables.
  4. You should be careful that the cabinets in the bathroom cannot be opened by babies.

Some Precautions for Living Room

The living room is the area where the most time is spent. For this reason, it is among the rooms where the risk of the accident is the highest. The child who sees his parents by his side may want to be more active and interested. This could cause it to fall and hit its head against hard objects such as a coffee table or table in the living room. However, if the necessary precautions are taken, the risk of an accident can be minimized.

  1. In the living room, items that will threaten the child should be removed. In every living room there is an item called a coffee table. This item is made of glass, some of which are completely made of wood. However, as the tips are sharp, it may cause injury if the child hits his head. If it is not possible to remove them, their sharp parts should be covered with rubber.
  2. There are items that may fall on the television unit or showcase. Injuries may occur if things such as vases fall on the child. Vases need to be lifted or fixed. Again, the items on the television unit should also be secured.
  3. Some houses are duplex or triplex. The stairs of these houses are dangerous for the child. A child climbing stairs has a risk of rolling over. There are security doors produced for indoor stairs. It is very easy to install and disassemble. It is one of the most ideal tools to prevent your baby from climbing stairs.
  4. It can also be the garden of the house. First of all, it is necessary to always make sure that the garden gate is locked or closed so that the child cannot open it. In some gardens, there may also be an ornamental pool or swimming pool. Measures related to this should also be taken.
  5. The living room floor can be slippery. Carpet can also make it more slippery. When the child runs, the slipping of the carpet causes arm or foot fractures. For this reason, it is necessary to use anti-slip tapes to prevent the floor from slipping.

How to Choose the Suitable Toy for a Child

Thanks to these and similar measures, you minimize the risk of accidents. Never say nothing happens and I arm my child. Every mother cares for her baby; however, the number of cases resulting in injury due to home accidents is not rare. In fact, there are infant deaths due to home accidents. Mothers who are very busy at home can be supporters, babysitters . Thus, the child can be better protected from home accidents.