How to Choose the Suitable Toy for a Child

For children, play is not just about passing time. Children’s mental and physical development can improve through play. Therefore, as parents, it is necessary to allow children to play the games they desire. At the same time, it is necessary to support the use of some materials in order to make the games more educational and instructive. Toys that make the game more creative provide the development of abstract and concrete thinking ability.

The development of children’s relationship with shape, color, object and object is thanks to toys. It is important to buy toys suitable for the age of the child by every parent who is aware of the positive effect of toys on the child. There are some situations that need attention in this regard. You should choose toy models that will not harm your child’s health and contribute to their development.

Let’s express this too. Some parents may restrict their children from playing with toys, partly justifiably. The child may not get the toys he wants . This is not because children play with the toy, but because they break them. Therefore, the mother and father may not respond to the toy demand because they know the child’s habit of breaking toys. However, even though this seems right, it is a wrong behavior. It is also a game for children to break toys. It tends to break in order to satisfy its curiosity, examine the toy and recognize it.

Children should never be prevented from doing things with toys. This can reduce the child’s curiosity and learning disposition. Let them break, distribute and do whatever they want… The child has a free spirit and thanks to this spirit, he can adapt to his environment. He can gain confidence in himself. Especially children of school age may have an increased desire for toys. Rather than buying luxurious and overly flashy toys for the child, it is better to buy toys that he can improve himself.

Which Type of Toy for Which Age?

Babies do not need toys. For him, his environment, body and changing colors, shining lights are toys. We can express that the child, who tends to explore his environment, is happy with the slightest color and light changes. For this reason, colored objects are placed on the cradles of newborn babies. By watching these, the child can be provided to fall asleep more easily.

6 -7 months old children: It means that the area of ​​children who started to crawl and sit has started to expand. Toys that will increase hand movements and positively affect vocal and holding skills can be purchased. Toys that will relieve teething itch of babies whose teeth are starting to grow slowly can also be preferred. Care should be taken to ensure that these are hygienic. The content of toys brought from China and sold very cheaply can be carcinogenic. Therefore, attention should be paid to choosing certified products.

15-18 months old children: It should be said that the world of toddler children is also growing. In particular, children who have completed 18 months of age have a very high tendency to explore. For this reason, it is necessary to procure toys that will enlighten the minds and imaginations. In this regard, it is best to buy toys that they can block with a set of pieces. Children in this period like to combine some pieces and do different things.

2-3 years old children: It is a period in which children get to know social life. For this reason, they like to play picnic-type games. It is necessary to choose their toys in this manner. For this, toys such as repair kits, dolls, toy kitchen sets can be preferred. During this period, children are very interested in traveling. They try to get to know the animals… They can be taken to the sea to satisfy their curiosity. They may be allowed to feed a tiny cat.

3-6 years old children: It is a period whose interest towards outside increases and motor movements develop rapidly. Therefore, their jumping tendency may increase. Since a very active period is mentioned, toys that support movements such as bicycles can be purchased. Some sports can be done. Sports such as football, table tennis, swimming, cycling and running are ideal for the child.

Which Features Affect the Toys?

There are multiple toy models on the market. It is necessary to know which of these models do what. Thus, you can make the right choice for your child. The characteristics of the toys produced are different. We explain these differences.

  1. Bicycles can be purchased for toys that support muscle development. Motor, slides and pulling toy types are among the toys that help children develop their muscular structures.
  2. Fiction toys are sold in large numbers on the market. These toys can be preferred to develop children’s imaginations. It can help children build what they dream of, build their own world.
  3. There are toys that support the artistic side. These are the painting type toy models. In addition, toy models of instruments are produced to increase children’s interest in art. Again, toys such as painting provide the development of small muscle structures.
  4. There are also toys that enhance both the perception and comprehension skills of children. Toys with sound warning systems and certain signs can improve children’s attention direction.

What Should You Consider Before Buying Toys?

Before buying a toy for your child, you should pay attention to his age and interest. However, it is not possible to say that everything is okay by doing this. There are some things to be considered in some matters. Here they are …

  1. The toy must be durable. Quickly broken toys should not be preferred. It should also be uncomplicated. Care should be taken that it is a plain and simple toy. It should be a toy that the child can play alone.
  2. The toy should have features that support child development. It is not correct to buy a toy that has no function. It can make sounds, have different colors, move, be disassembled …
  3. It is necessary to pay attention to the preference of the child in the selection of toys. However, the toy model that will be dangerous for him should not be taken. very simple toys can bore the child. The toy, which is quite complex and is not known how to play, can reduce the child’s self-confidence.
  4. The toy that does not interest the child is not the right toy. The toy should awaken the child’s curiosity.
  5. Toy parts need attention. It should not be the size that the child can swallow. some children may bite their toys or put them in their mouth. In this case, it is possible for any part to break off and get into his throat. To prevent such a thing, it is very important that the toy is solid.
  6. Certified toys should be bought. Toys that do not comply with the quality standard and sold without a certificate can be dangerous.
  7. The purchased toy should be easy to maintain. In case of any malfunction, it should be repaired immediately.
  8. It is necessary to buy a toy model that children can like in shape and color.

How Can You Track Your Child’s Progress

When these and similar issues are considered, you can choose the best toy for your child. The priority is to pay attention to his age and disposition. Later, the best toy model can be obtained according to the feature to be developed. It is also important for the child to have toys that he can play with his parents. It becomes more peaceful and happy. This reflects positively on its development. You should also pay attention to the safety issue in children’s toys.