Things to Consider During Pregnancy

Billions of birth events occur around the world every year. In some of these births, children are born with Down’s syndrome and require special nursing care.

Fertility and, therefore, the state of being pregnant are extremely normal for all mammal species. While the general term female and male expressions are used for the sex of babies born by humans, the expressions of female and male offspring are used for babies born by animals.

From the very first moment that all mothers and fathers learn that they are going to have their baby, they try to ensure that the necessary things are done to bring them to life in a healthy way. At this point, they work in coordination with a wide perspective, from nutrition to shelter, from security to health checks, by following many different paths throughout the pregnancy process.

Sometimes, some negativities may occur due to the carelessness or unconsciousness of the expectant mother during pregnancy. In addition, it is known that exposure to environmental factors, upsetting or dangerous situations can cause extremely important problems on pregnancy. As an example of the problems caused by these reasons;

Under normal conditions, a baby needs a period of nine months, that is approximately forty weeks, to complete its development in the womb in the best way. Expectant mothers should behave more carefully and sensitively than usual in this process.

Especially during the first three months, which is extremely important for the development of the baby, it is necessary to be protected from all kinds of negativity and dangerous situations and to show the highest sensitivity possible in the work to be done. Otherwise, extremely serious problems may occur in the baby’s body. A significant part of heart diseases are caused by negative situations experienced in the first months.

– It is very unfavorable for expectant mothers to use drugs during pregnancy, which is also referred to as pregnancy. Especially unconscious use can cause serious problems on the baby.

If the expectant mother needs to use medication due to any health problem, she should definitely talk to her doctor and act in line with what her doctor says. An adverse behavior causes the baby’s health to deteriorate and the development not to progress properly. This situation may lead to losing the baby.

 The use of products such as cigarettes and alcohol during pregnancy is another reason that may cause serious drawbacks on baby health. 

It is necessary to avoid smoking and alcohol consumption during pregnancy, which can cause physical and mental disabilities in the baby. In addition to not using the mother-to-be herself, she should also stay away from smoking environments.

– Another thing to be aware of is to avoid exposure to radiation. Radioactive products cause many adverse effects in the baby, from bone disorders to brain damage. It also significantly increases the risk of miscarriage.

In order to prevent all these negativities from happening, it is necessary to stay away from the mentioned behavior patterns and to be careful at all stages of pregnancy.

However, no matter how much attention is paid, some unexpected results may occur from time to time. Although everything that can be done for the health of the baby and its development in parallel with this is applied correctly during pregnancy, sometimes it can be seen that there is a progress in a different direction than expected.

There are too many options to count among the unexpected. When examined in general terms, these differences, which go beyond what is thought, are perceived negatively and cause the necessity of making new applications.

Some of the unexpected situations that are learned while the pregnancy is continuing, that cause new decisions to be made and need to see a doctor immediately are:

– If severe back and abdominal pain is felt and an increase in the amount of bleeding is observed,

– If there is an uncomfortable pain in the abdominal area and bleeding, vomiting and nausea are added to this pain,

– If there is swelling above normal in the hand and face areas,

– If blood comes from the nipple or from the excretory organs during discharge,

– If there are disturbances in visual function such as blurriness,

– If there are conditions such as severe headache, dizziness,

– If there is a continuous fainting,

– If there are extra conditions such as chills, shivering, itching, it is absolutely necessary to go to the doctor as soon as possible.

All these issues are among the conditions that need to be considered for being sensitive during pregnancy and for the healthy development of the baby.

However, there are also ways of development arising from genetic differences. Among them, down syndrome is the genetic difference condition that makes the name known the most and increases awareness on this issue day by day.

What is Down Syndrome?

Down syndrome, which is a chromosome abnormality, is a type of genetic difference that most people do not know and ask why. The syndrome is also known as Trisomy 21. Awareness on the subject is increasing day by day, but still the number of people with sufficient knowledge is not enough.

In general, humans have forty-six chromosomes. In individuals with Down syndrome, this number increases to forty-seven because these individuals have three of the twenty-first chromosomes, which is because cells divide incorrectly during division and have an extra chromosome.

The most widely known misconception about Down syndrome among the people is that this condition is a disease and should be treated. This perception is completely wrong, because Down syndrome is not a disease but a genetic difference.

When the factors that can cause the syndrome are examined, it is seen that the only reason is the age of conception. Generally, women who are over the age of thirty-five and become pregnant are at risk of developing them in their children. However, this does not only apply to women over a certain age. Young mothers are also very likely to have a child with down syndrome.

Given an average value, Down syndrome is seen in one out of every eight hundred births. In total, there are approximately six million individuals with down syndrome in the world.

Is Nursing Care Important for Children with Down Syndrome?

Getting nursing care is extremely important for an individual diagnosed with Down syndrome. Because during the nursing care process, important information about Down syndrome can be obtained and a correct way can be drawn for the child to grow up properly.

Nursing care will be extremely beneficial not only for individuals with Down syndrome, but also for the psychological development of the parents of such individuals and for establishing a correct relationship with their children.

Which Nursing Approach Is Used In The Case Of Down Syndrome?

There are a number of nursing approach models developed for individuals with Down syndrome. For the psychosocial development of a child with the syndrome, the nurse should use the body language very well.

Nurses; It is extremely important to raise the awareness of the families, to bring some solutions that will comfort the child and to act in cooperation with the parents.

When Is Down Syndrome Diagnosed?

One of the most frequently asked questions about Down syndrome, which occurs in one out of every eight hundred births and occurs due to a genetic difference, is when the diagnosis is made.

As a result of many years of medical studies, a number of tests have been developed to diagnose Down syndrome in the mother’s womb, and the tests have been applied in a way that does not harm the development of the baby.

Thanks to the test known as fetal DNA, commonly known as NIPT, it can be determined whether the baby in the womb has Down syndrome. Some blood is taken from the expectant mother and placed in special tubes. After this blood is examined with the NIPT test, the result is reached.

Is Down Syndrome an Abortion Required?

Down Syndrome is a Subject Requiring Accurate Information!

As a result of the tests performed during pregnancy, when it is learned that the child to be born has Down syndrome, some people say that it is necessary to have an abortion and others that it is not necessary.

This situation is a matter that parents will decide according to their personal preferences. There is a legal time limit for abortion. Optionally, this period can be curetted in urea.